Public sale phase 1

Sold out

The SnowPunkz story

The world is in jeopardy, with pollution and global warming to blame. Due to rampant use of fossil fuels and ignorance of humans, the world’s atmosphere continues to deteriorate on a rapid level. Some organisms will perish if the globe continues to warm, particularly the Snowmen who live on Earth. When global warming reached a tipping point, they themselves resolved to take action and put an end to this madness. As a result, they assembled all of their pals, including those from distant worlds. They even went to the gates of hell to acquire all the help needed to deal with this challenge.

To avoid being lost forever, they opted to transform to the Cardano blockchain. From then on, this project will employ all of its and their communities' resources to stop the pollution and turn things around. All the snowmen need is a savior to begin this war with! Purchase your SnowPunk now to ensure a happy snowman future!

Scaled infinitely

SnowPunkz don't lose their quality while warping to different worlds! These NFT's are SVG’s which mean they can get zoomed in or out without loss of pixels! With different types of headgear, weapons, face-impressions, each SnowPunk is looking as stunning as could be!

Interactive and fun.

Your SnowPunk responds to mouse clicks and taps. It can even show you rarity-stats when you double-click on it. Each of our SnowPunkz contains three emotions, Happy, Angry, and Sad, giving them an extra unique feature. Each emotion has a different background, all 3 are downloadable. That’s like getting 3 NFT’s for the price of 1 NFT! You can opt to synchronize your SnowPunk to reflect your own emotion.

Tokenomices & rewards

Only 8,888 SnowPunkz will ever be minted. Get rewarded for owning SnowPunkz!

  • 8,888 - Total minted

  • 250 - Giveaways

  • 888 - Pre sale

  • 8,000 - Public sale

  • Community wallet with monthly Royalties

  • 40% of marketplace revenue goes to holders

  • 40% of game revenue goes to holders

Mint a SnowPunk

We're sold out on public sale phase 1 which was scheduled on January 10th 2022 5PM UTC.Join our Discord and follow our socials for information about upcoming public sale.